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"Who Else Is Exhausted And Frustrated From Trying
To Get Their Toddler To Go To Bed And Sleep
Through The Night AND Potty Trained
During The Day?"

How To Quickly & Easily Get Your Child To Go To Bed, And Fall Asleep Fast

How To Toilet Train In Just One Day,
And Other Parenting Secrets!

And I'm Convinced You Can Too, When You Know How!


Forget about potty training and toilet training your toddler being a hassle,
taking months and spending a fortune on unnecessary nappies.

Forget about all those sleepless nights and spending hours getting your toddler
to go to bed and fall asleep fast and worrying about your toddler sleep problems.
Your toddler sleep and your toddler bedtime problems solved in a loving way -
guaranteed and proven.

Introducing ... ... ...

Bedtime and Toilet Training Solutions And Other Secrets


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Appeared in   

 "Hello Margaret, ...

Just a short note to say thank you for sending out the packages about toilet training and falling to sleep.  We had great success with toilet training. (Working really well as you can see!).  And have now managed to get our daughter to sleep in the "big girl's bed" with lots of praise and very little fussing.  Everything you sent me all worked so well. 

Thank you once again for sending me the information."


                                                               Lynette Little, Huntingdale, Victoria.


           "Our Daughter Now Prompts Us When its Bedtime"

"First of all thank you.  I read the bedtime manuals twice as the first time I thought I have tried all this routine stuff and it has not worked for us but after I read the manuals a second time I decided to follow your exact routine and hello it worked from day 1.  After 5-6 weeks my daughter now gets her books ready herself and prompts us when it is bedtime.

I am now ready to read the toilet training manual ..."

                                             Emma Beaver, via email,  Western Australia.


"Thank You For Making A Toilet Training Nightmare Into A Dream"

"What a miracle worker you are - I ordered your packages with what I would call a healthy dose of scepticism - and I couldn't believe it when the second morning came and my little girl at 2 years old and 1 month came into my bedroom in the morning to tell me she wanted to 'do wees'.  She has never looked back.  In the four months since we've only had just a handful of tiny accidents.

Thank you so much for making a nightmare job into a dream.  I now look forward to tackling it with my second little girl - just to see if she too can do it in 24 hours.

Many thanks."
     Tracy Atkins, Australia.


FROM:  Margaret Saunders,
Bedtime and Toilet training expert, parenting adviser,
Mother of two,  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Dear Parent and Friend,

     As a mother of two wonderful daughters, Alicia and Katrina-Lee I know what its like when they wouldn't go to bed let alone fall asleep.  When I was pregnant with Katrina-Lee and had gone to bed to get some well-earned rest Alicia (who was a young toddler) was walking around the house, with her head nodding as she was fighting going to bed and not wanting to go to bed let alone fall asleep easily and quickly.

   Even though I was tired and pregnant I knew there was a loving way to put my child to sleep, that did not involve crying or hysterics.

     I thought this was the time to implement a going to bed program that was gentle and loving and would work.  What I came up with worked so well that soon she was asking to go to bed. When this happened at 6.00 pm on a Saturday night I knew I was onto something and I thought you might like to know about it too.

     And then when Alicia was a little bit older,  I knew I should have been toilet training her but I had now idea where to start.  By coincidence a few days later I was having a cappuccino with a really good friend who happened to mention to me about a potty training and toilet training method that only takes one day.   Too good to be true I thought.  But I listened to what she had to say and thought I would try it out.  Couldn't hurt could it to have her potty trained and toilet trained in just one day!   Well it worked so well with her that I toilet trained her younger sister that way as well ... ... ...

     I thought parents everywhere would want to know how on earth a child could be toilet trained in just one day with a system that was fun, enjoyable and that we both loved.

       Plus ...

     Whilst we were living in inner-city Melbourne and my friend Rob, an international businessman, stayed with us and he commented that my city lifestyle was as if I lived in the country - after his observations of many city parents, I thought this was something else you might like to know about.

And ...

     We all believe and think that our children are special and we all know that they are given to us as angels, but how do we keep them that way?  After coming up with some practical ideas and proven methods both my girls continued to be the contented angels that were given to me.

     Well now you can find out all this and more because I have developed manuals, for you on all these topics, that come in packages which include telephone and/or email consultations.  Over the years now I have become a bit of an expert on all this.  I have had radio stations call me, I've been asked to give talks, I've even answered questions in "The Age" Newspaper Parenting Section and appeared in the Sydney Sun Herald.

     So, if you would like to find out the benefits and more of all of these four topics ... bedtime, potty training, toilet training, having your child be an angel all the time and having more time for, whatever, reading this letter may be the most important thing you do today... 

     Let me tell you about each of these topics, bedtime, toilet training, having your child be an angel and having more time to smell the roses, one at a time...

     Introducing ...

"How To Get Your Child To Want To Go To Bed
And Fall Asleep Fast!"

     And I'm convinced you can too!  Even if you're extremely busy and feeling drop dead tired ... By having your own fail-proof bedtime routine and activities.

     A lot of parents feel that having fail-proof, easy, bedtime routines and activities is the "ultimate" lifesaver in their sometimes stressful and very busy family lives.  Maybe it's because of all these great benefits, and maybe because it doesn't include tears and hysterics.

You will enjoy bedtime with your children more.

   Bedtime will become a looked forward to event at the end of each day.

   You will know exactly how to put your child to bed every night.

   You will know exactly when your child will be in bed and when to expect
          your child to be asleep.

   Your child can be in bed earlier than you ever dreamed possible.  
   Your life will improve dramatically with the increased sleep everyone  
          in your family will receive.
You will have more time for yourself at the end of each day.    

  At last a method that involves gentleness and buckets of love that works.

     Because what I am offering you is a fail-proof, easy and simple method of implementing bedtime routines and activities.  If you do not have one already this routine will be invaluable.  If you already have a bedtime routine some of the suggestions you will receive will add to and enhance what you already do.

     As you know, bedtime can be stressful, more tiring than a goodnights sleep and sometimes the beginning of world war three in your home.  But not any more ...

     So if you have been wondering how to improve and how to enjoy the benefits of a fail-proof bedtime routine that has my children begging to go to bed and falling asleep fast that I guarantee will have your children doing the same, here's the solution...

     The Ultimate Bedtime Package, a program that includes one hour of personal telephone and/or email consultations and advice (valued at $60.00) and two Manuals
that do just that ...


"How To Quickly And Easily Create A Bedtime Routine
 That Works Every Time And Will Have Your Child
Asleep Earlier Than You Ever Dreamed Possible"
"How To Have Your Child Fall Asleep Fast,
And How To Have Bedtime Bliss"

     These easy to follow manuals about  how I created a loving, fail-proof bedtime routine and activities and how my daughters begged me to take them to bed, compliment each other just as night follows day.

   These manuals will how you step by step ...

   How to create a fail-proof bedtime routine.

   The secret subliminal activity to do one hour before bedtime that will make your
         child drowsy and ready for bed.

   How going to bed can be fun.

   How to have your child's body clock ready for bed every night at the same time.

How this routine will become embedded into your child's subconscious mind
         and he/she will beg you to let them go to bed earlier than you ever
         dreamed possible.

   What unusual and useful attitude to have whilst implementing these routines and
         activities that can also be used anytime, any day with your children.

   How to tell stories that will guarantee your child goes to sleep.

   Other activities that are easy, uncomplicated and enhance falling to sleep.

   And other secrets. 

     Ultimately, how to get your child into bed and what to do once they are there!

     Imagine how much easier your life would be if every night bedtime ran like clockwork and even you enjoyed it too.  Just like my experience you too can enjoy the benefits of hearing the words.

"Can I go to bed now, pleeeeaaaase, I want to go to sleeep!"

"Your advice reassured us."

"Thanks Margaret, for the bedtime package you sent to me.  It came at just the right moment to reassure us that there was a way to work out our daughters sleep difficulties in a loving way.  My husband and I had got to a point where we had begun to get cranky and angry which only seemed to be making matters worse.  Your information helped us to remember to think about our preferred ways of parenting and keep these ideas really close when the challenges of bedtime refusal and night waking happen.  I look forward to talking with you about our latest challenges tomorrow."

Mandy Seyfang, Adelaide. Australia.


  "I should have had this information a long time ago!"

     "Thank you for sending the bedtime package.  I should have had these manuals a long time ago.  It would have saved so many tears in our house.  Kelsey still likes Mum to read and sing to her at bedtime and 'I love putty Kelsey to bed now' whereas I used to really dread bedtime each night.  Tonight Kelsey followed the routine perfectly - Wow! It's all finally falling into place and I'm in shock.

     Margaret, I'm sending you a bouquet for all the wonderful advice, that is simple but effective .... I thanked both my children for sleeping without needing Mum during the night and explained that this all came from Margaret who helps Mum teach them about going to bed each night."         

Julie Christofferson, Bluff Point, Western Australia. 

     The information you will receive in these manuals is invaluable to you and your children and family  It is probably priceless to have your children beg to go to bed, fall asleep fast and I'll be guaranteeing it.

Discover ...

"How To Toilet Train Your Child In Just One Day!"

     Would having an easy, fun, detailed and concise method of potty training and toilet training that can be carried out in just one day be the light at the end of the tunnel in your very busy life?

     Would you like to have great toilet training benefits at your finger tips such as ...

   You will be given detailed and concise step by step instructions on what,
          why and how to successfully potty train and toilet train your child in
          just one day. 

   Both you and your child will enjoy the activities and learning involved. 

   You will know exactly how to go about potty training and toilet
          training your child. 

   You will not have to guess when and what to do. 

   Because this toilet training method totally trains your child to
         independently go to the toilet by him or her self you will not have to
         interrupt your daily activities to aid your child when they go to the toilet. 

   Your child will learn quicker than you ever thought possible ... how to take him or
         herself to the toilet by themselves.

  The benefit of spending this whole day with your child.

     You will get a fail-proof and yet easy method of training your child to toilet him or her self independently to you in every way.

     As you are aware, toilet training can be stressful, drawn out and sometimes the beginning of a long and arduous relationship with your child.

     If you have been wondering how to enjoy the benefits of a successful toilet training program that had my children independently to me using the toilet happily and confidently, here is the answer ...

     The Ultimate Toilet Training Package that includes one hour of personal telephone and/or email consultations (valued at $90.00) a toilet trained certificate for your child and a concise and detailed manual that does just that ...


     "How To Toilet Train Your Child In Just One Day
And Have Your Child Toilet Trained Today"

This easy to read, easy to follow manual with concise and exact instructions of how I toilet trained my children in just one day and how you can too.

     This manual will show you step by step ...

   How to successfully toilet train your child.

   How to speed up your child's learning.

   How to increase the frequency of urination during toilet training by giving
         your child lots of drinks and why.

   Practicing and learning the required dressing skills with your child.

   How to have your child relax before urinating.

   How your child can learn by imitation.

   How your child can learn by teaching.

   How to use your guidance for optimal results.

   How to increase your child's motivation to be toilet trained in just one day.

   Why this method is so quick and easy and so much fun.

     Ultimately, how to quickly, easily and successfully toilet train your child.

     Imagine how much easier your day would be if you were to hear the words...

                                  "Mummy, I've just been to the toilet!"

     Followed by the noise of the toilet flushing and you no longer had to change nappies, buy nappies or be interrupted to take your child to the toilet.                                                                         

          Here is one of my daughters being happily toilet trained 
            with this one day method.  She is now much older than
            when this photo was taken and swears it is actually her
            sister.  So for the sake of her privacy I won't be mentioning
            her name, however, I will mention she still is as cute!

"My daughter goes to the toilet by herself now"

"Thought you would like to know that Emily is very good at going to the toilet by herself now.  We did a full training day when I got my voice back.  We showed teddy and dolly how to use the toilet and she is often making sure her toys understand the process ever since, hoping they will get a reward.  She finally sees it as her responsibility to remember, so much so, she doesn't like it sometimes when I remind her or want her to go before going out."

Anna Johnston, Victoria, Australia.


"Our girl trained herself with your suggestions."

"Our 2 year old girl has basically toilet trained herself since the suggestions you gave me for our 4-1/2 year old son!!!  She LOVED the chart and the rewards.  She is even dry during her afternoon nap and although still in a nappy at night, has often got up during the night to go to the toilet, and her nappy is 'usually' dry the next morning.

(Praise the Lord for Margaret!!!!!!)  THANK YOU!!!!!! Light at the end of the tunnel at last!"

Peter and Sue Black, Queensland, Australia.

     The information you will get in this manual is invaluable to you and your child and family.  It is probably worth a fortune to have your child happily toilet trained and out of nappies in just one day!

     And it's guaranteed!

                                        Here Is ...

"How To Have Your Child Be An Angel ...
All The Time!

     A lot of parents have told me that they feel that having proven, easy activities, suggestions and routines to bring out the Angel in their child feels like  "Heaven" to their stressful and extremely busy lives.  And its because of these great benefits...       

   Bonding with your Angel even before conception.

   What to do when your Angel is new. 

   Learn about the Angels around your Angel.

   Knowing how to tap into the Angel behaviour that your child has already.

   How to really listen to your Angel.

   What happens when you answer your Angel quickly.

   How to get your Angel to talk nicely and quietly, all the time.

   How your moods affect your Angel and what happens when you are positive.

   The benefits of having time alone for both you and your Angel.

   Having friends, relatives and even strangers comment on your Angel.

     So what is available to you now are these fail-proof, easy and simple methods, ideas and suggestions to change negative behaviour into positive, loving behaviour and bring out the best in your Angel.  And if your child is an Angel already, you will get even more of an Angel.

     As you know bringing children up can sometimes be stressful, tiring and agitating and can become a drain on your family life.

     So, if you have been wondering how to bring back the Angel that was delivered to you from Heaven, via the rainbow and how to enjoy the benefits of a more happier and contented family of Angels here's the solution ...

     The program that includes one hour of personal telephone or email consultations (valued at $90.00) and a manual that does just that ...The Ultimate Have An Angel Package ...

"How To Have Your Child Be an Angel All The Time
How You Too Can Make An Extraordinary Difference"

     Ultimately, how to get your child to be an Angel and how your child can be an Angel, all the time.

     Imagine how much easier your life would be if you child was the Angel he or she was when they were first delivered to you from Heaven?

"I found what you said very satisfying."

"Dear Margaret,

I am just about to have Angel number 2 and was browsing the net for ideas when I stumbled on your article.  I naturally did as you have said to do and found it very satisfying.  People make comments to me about how nice a little person Angel number 1 is and what a wonderful personality she has.  I am pleased to say that it looks as though she will remain that same little person, and I am going to do the same with number 2."

Tris Carson, via email.


"... I love your practical and simple methods"

"Margaret, I love your practical and simple methods to raising children.  I do not have parents of my own to ask for help and advice when it comes to how to discipline and deal with stressful situations.  Being able to contact you through e-mail is like having my own personal Nanny.  Thank you for your solutions that are so loving AND easy to implement.  I just loved reading the Angel Manual yesterday - reminding us to treat them like the angels they are!!"

Jeanne Tunkel, California. U.S.A.

     The information you will receive in this manual is invaluable to you and your children and family.  It probably is priceless to have your children stay the Angels they were when they were born.  Along with this package and program you will also get a money back written guarantee.

                                   Find out about ....


            "How You Too Can Have More Time"

     Nowadays a lot of parents are feeling that having a life with as less stress as possible whilst raising their children and having strategies and tools for making their lives with their children simpler and easier that includes tips for slowing down their hectic world would be as magic as living in the country and smelling the roses every day.  I am sure this could be because of these benefits.

   Having solutions to make your life FEEL as if you are living in the country
         no matter where you live now.

   Ideas and suggestions for creating a radius around your home, as if you lived in a
        small country village, wherever you live. 

   Having your children become more contented, happier and cooperative.

   Being able to enjoy being at home more as a family as your life slows down.

    Getting to have more time ... for everything!!!

   How to enjoy more fully the love of your family.

     Now I am offering you a simple, easy and effective way to implement ideas and suggestions to make your life and your family feel the contentedness one feels by living in the country and having time to smell the roses, over and over again, no matter where you live.

     So, if your life has become stressful or could use more tools to improve even more the atmosphere of your family life, that had my family feeling like they were living in the country when we lived in the inner city of Melbourne, here's how ...

     With The Ultimate How To Have Time Package and program that includes the personal one hour telephone or email consultations (valued at $90.00) and the manual that does just that ...    


"How You Too Can Have More Time
And Have A Country Lifestyle
No Matter Where You Live"

     You will love this easy to follow manual of how I created fail-proof activities and events for my children to make them feel as if they lived in the country when they lived in inner city Melbourne ... and then moved to a sheep farm and then to our beach hideaway.  You will also get the time to smell the roses wherever you are living now.

     You will be shown step by step ...

   The art of doing only one thing at a time.

   How to take the stress out of shopping.

   How to not have to get in and out of the car so often.

   The importance and ease, especially for you, of having routines and rituals.

   Tips for a fail-proof go to bed and fall asleep fast routine.

   How to keep your day extremely simple and then even more simpler.

   Making birthdays simpler and easier ... country style.

   Having a pyjama day ... the ultimate do nothing day and why.

   Very, very effective methods and tools for talking to your children and
         getting them to do what you would like them to do and when.

   How to handle being stressed or teary.

   Playtimes with visitors, short or long and why.

  The importance of treating your children really well.

   Mealtimes country style.

     Yes, ultimately, how to have a country lifestyle, smell the roses, slow down parts of your day and many more tips for you and your family.

     Imagine how much easier your life would be if you had these tools and you felt as if you were living in the peaceful country and your life had slowed down and you had time to smell the roses and do all those things you like to do during the day for you and your family.

     Your life could be that good too!

"How nice it was you took the time to write to me"

"I was telling a friend of mine how nice it was that you took the time to sit down and write me those first couple of emails suggesting ways to begin working on some of the difficulties I was having with my daughter.  There are so many people that would not take the time to individually make suggestions and give helpful hints, most would tell you to purchase their material instead, or wait until purchasing to do so.  I cannot wait now to receive your package, I am very excited.  You are wonderful miss Margaret!!"

Wendy M Heard, Florida, U.S.A.


"Your daughters are lucky to have such a mum."

"Dear Margaret,

Thank you so much for sending me the information.  I totally agree with your philosophy on the birthdays and "smelling the roses".

Your daughters are lucky to have such a dedicated mum.  As a sole parent sometimes it is hard but this is the most rewarding job in the world.  Thanks again for helping me along.

Leah Saez, New South Wales, Australia.

     How much of a price would you put onto being able to smell the roses more and having your family more content, happy and inspired, and guaranteed?

         To make all my offers completely foolproof I am giving you this Guarantee ...




 To Make These Offers Completely Foolproof,
You Get A Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
That Says

If you have genuinely tried the routines, suggestions and processes
in these Manuals  in the next 30 days and you have taken advantage
of the email or phone advice and consultations and your situation still has not improved or changed in any way
you will be refunded your money no
questions asked.   

What could be fairer than that?


(And you get to keep the manuals no matter what.)

     Order today and you could have your children begging to go to bed, toilet trained in just one day, being angels all the time and having more time to smell the roses.

     I suppose you have been wondering what sort of fortune these fail-proof, proven and guaranteed Ultimate Packages with manuals and telephone and email consultations that promise you all these things would cost you?  One hundred, two hundred dollars maybe?

     The information you will receive in these manuals and packages is invaluable to you and your children and family.  It is probably priceless to have your children, begging to go to bed and falling asleep fast, toilet trained in just one day, being angels all the time and having more time to smell the roses!!  And imagine how good you would feel!

     However, if you order today here are my offers ... 

     This is what you will get ...

Buy One Offer ...

 Here's what you get...

Separate purchase

 ONE of these Packages ...
      The Ultimate Bedtime Package
      The Ultimate Toilet Training Package
      The Ultimate Have An Angel Pack
      The Ultimate Have More Time Pack


 Manual ...  value


 Consultations ... 1 Hr  Emails or Ph


Total value


Yours for only


Total package savings



Buy Two ... Save $$$ ... And

 Here's what you get...

Separate purchase

  Any Two Packages     
     The Ultimate Bedtime Package
     The Ultimate Toilet Training Package
     The Ultimate Have An Angel Package
     The Ultimate Have More Time Pack


  Manuals ...  value


  Get One Package Free- choose another  Pack (you'll get three packages)


  Consultations ...  2 Hrs Emails or Phone calls


Total value


Yours for only


Total package savings


           What could be fairer than that! 

     And just so you don't have to wait forever to get this information these packages are available to you via email and can be delivered to you just about immediately.  No waiting a week or more and in some cases two weeks to get your manuals and access to emailing or telephoning me so that you get the individual attention you would like almost right now and have your problems solved.

     However, these prices and these offers are only available to you for a trial period ... to get these prices and these offers please order within 14 days.

     You will not be left on your own, when you purchase any or all of these packages you will be sent a certificate telling you how to contact and email me with any questions, any concerns anything at all and you will be given an answer in less than 48 hours. All you will have to do is send me an email or call me on the phone.

Why wait, take advantage of these offers, why not order now...

Here's Five Easy Ways to Order!

     To get these packages and these deals and these prices you need to take immediate action by doing one of the following ...

     1)  Order On Line ... The fastest way to order is directly online ...

     2)  By Fax ...
Or, you can fill in and print out the order form and fax it to
+61-3-5987 34 88. 
Print order form.)

     We accept orders 24 hours 7 days, every week.

     3)  By Phone ...
Alternatively you can ring with your credit card details to our 24 hour order line on +61-3-5987 34 38.  If the lines are unattended please leave a message and we will get back to you the same day or you can leave details of the product you want to order, your name, address, credit details, don't forget the expiry date and please speak clearly to avoid any delays.

     4)  Snail Mail... The fourth option is to print out the order form and mail it together with your cheque, money order or credit card details, to PO Box 2105, Rosebud, Victoria, Australia. 3939.  (Print order form.)

     Your order will be processed the same day we receive it and sent to you immediately.  Please allow 7 - 10 days for postage within Australia, and 14-21 days for International Orders.  Or 2-48 hours for email delivery.

     5)  Pick Up In Person ... You can of course, if you wish, visit my office to collect your order. We are about 1 hours out of Melbourne, down the Peninsula and very close to Arthur's Seat.  The view from my office is spectacular.  The address is 20 Atunga Terrace, Dromana, Victoria.
     It's normal office hours 9-5 Monday to Friday.  And if you would like a Saturday or Sunday drive or you are in the area, we probably would open especially for you. However, its always a good idea to call first, 03 5987 34 38.


             "It has been great to iron out the wrinkles."

"I just thought I would write a quick note to say that it has been great to be able to smooth out some of the "wrinkles" from our current daily chaos  (I mean routines).  It feels quite strange not to visit the "nappy" isle whilst shopping.  The peaceful and relaxed bedtime regime is bliss for two weary parents!

We all make our plans, have our dreams, but sometimes life just seems to get in the way, complicate things.  You helped me to find the roses that I knew were there, I just needed to get through the weeds..!  Thanks,"

Kate P. Australia.

     Just imagine, you can have all this too, the manuals, unlimited emails and or phone calls.  All this can be yours the bedtime bliss, toilet trained toddlers, children being angels all the time and you having more time to smell the roses and .... ... ...

     These manuals and all this information belong in every home ...


     I wish you the best,

  Margaret Saunders

 Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions

P.S.,   Don't forget I am taking all the risk, after trying these packages and you don't feel like things are any more improved I'll refund every penny.  What have you got to lose?  And you can keep the manuals as a gift from me.

P.S.S.  So do yourself, your children and family a favour.

P.P.S.S.   Remember, these offers and these prices are only available to you for a trial period so please order within 14 days.

To find out how easy it is to have bedtime bliss, your child happily toilet trained, an angel all the time and more time for you click here and order now!


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                To check out our Ultimate How To Stop Bedwetting And Have Dry Nights Package  Click here

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             Toilet Training and Bedtime Training Solutions delivers Australia wide - Victoria, Queensland, New   
                South Wales,  Northern Territory, ACT, Western Australia and South Australia. 
                Toilet Training and Bedtime Training Solutions delivers to Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney,
                Canberra, Darwin, Brisbane and all country regions by snail mail and by email.
                Toilet Training and Bedtime Training Solutions delivers internationally to America, Canada, Japan,
                Asia, United Kingdom,  and world wide by snail mail and by email.

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I'd love to meet you, please come to the Advice Hub, AH7, Baby Sleep Advisory and say hello to me in person. I'll be there every day, looking out for you, Margaret Saunders.


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